New Website and App Helps Immigrants Obtain their Canadian Citizenship


The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants created a new website that explains the benefits of attaining the Canadian citizenship and guides applicants through the application process. The website,, as well as its respective iOS and Android apps, has been developed to help dispel common myths and theories that many hold about the Canadian citizenship process, as well as offer help for the citizenship test.

While Canada has seen an increase in application for citizenship over the last few years, the number of immigrants granted citizenship has dropped. There are many communities in Canada with high numbers of immigrants, who for various reasons, decide not to apply for citizenship, even though they have been in Canada for a long time.

Often times, there is confusion regarding the citizenship application process, which may hinder people from wanting to apply. This includes misleading beliefs regarding the need to give up one’s foreign passport or first citizenship, or the consequences of having a criminal record for immigration status purposes. Additionally, the decrease in citizenship application can also be attributed to a new and more rigorous citizenship test and residency questionnaire.

The website is user friendly and contains 3 key sections: “why become a citizen”, “how to become a citizen,” and “prepare for the test”. The first section of the site explains the main benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen, as well as “Myth-Busting” and testimonials from Canadian citizens. The second section explains the necessary steps to take in order to become a citizen and help people determine if they are eligible. The final section offers sample question as well as study materials for citizens to help them prepare for the citizenship tests. The website also tracks your progress and awards the users badges as they go through the site.

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