FAQ answers on the Nova Scotia Regional Labour Market Demand Stream


A significant topic of interest in Canadian Immigration has been on the Nova Scotia Regional Labour Market Demand Stream. Individuals hoping to immigrate to Canada and reside in Nova Scotia under the necessary guidelines have a great opportunity at their disposal.

As amazing as it would be to accept a multitude of candidates into this program, there is a cap of 150 accepted applicants despite the amount of applications received. The good news is, they are still accepting applications for different streams. Should they reach their cap of 150 nominations before yours is accepted, you are given the option of either withdrawing your application or keeping it in the lineup for the following year.

If you are one of the lucky nominees under this stream, you will receive a “pre-screening” letter once an initial look has been given to your complete application. They are unable to accept late or missing documents at this point, and preference is given to complete applications. Regardless of whether or not you have applied for a Nominee Program in another province, you can apply for this stream as long as you are serious about creating a life for yourself in Nova Scotia. Revision of applications can take three months or more considering the high volume of applications under this stream.

A great aspect of this program is for individuals who do not yet have a job lined up for them in Nova Scotia. If you have the training and experience in the fields of work underlined in the list of In-demand occupations, you may qualify for this program. It is essential however, that the individual reads through the list of In-demand occupations or occupations on the Working in Canada list before applying under this stream, and assures that they have worked in either of those fields beforehand. It is also important that the applicant has proved their ability in English or French, either through the IELTS Academic or any other language competency test outlined in the application guide.

Many individuals interested in applying to this program, or any provincial nominee program, make use of the services that lawyers provide to simplify the process for themselves. Although it is not required for application into the program, it is a utility that is strongly advised to make use of. To find out if you qualify today, take our FREE online assessment at: https://www.canadianimmigration.net/assessment-form.html

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