2014 Successful Immigration to Canada Stories


Immigration is a major positive contribution to the internationally renowned and unique culture of Canada. As the impact of immigration begins to permeate even the smallest towns in Canada, serving up chicken curry in P.E.I. is becoming less uncommon by the month.

The Guardian’s Jocelyne Lloyd recently did a feature on Anuj Thapa, who previously lived in Kathmandu, Nepal but now considers P.E.I. home. Thapa brought Indian food with him when he opened Himalayan Curry in Charlottetown, and the residents of P.E.I. are extremely grateful. Many ethnic restaurants have opened up over the past 7 and 8 years in P.E.I., bringing the province through a “culinary revolution.” Islanders benefit from the wide range of choices they have when choosing what to eat, and foreigners benefit from the comfort of home familiar cuisine provides. 

The changing culinary landscape of P.E.I. is just the beginning. Immigrants choosing smaller towns and cities as their permanent home is becoming more common as newcomers find a previously established community of people who share their culture – which can include restaurants of the native cuisine. The commencement of this positive immigration cycle is often credited to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which requires immigrants to start up a business within two years. The businesses, often restaurants like Himalayan Curry, create employment for newcomers and natives alike.

Successful immigration to Canada is a win-win for Canadian culture and the immigrant alike. An example of huge success after immigrating to Canada is showcased in the CEO of Venture Communications Arlene Dickinson. She moved to Canada from South Africa, and now stars on the Canadian entrepreneurship television show Dragons’ Den. Dickinson moved to Canada when she was young, and though she spoke English, adapting to Canadian culture was still a difficult feat.  

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