Attention: Update on Food Industry Workers in Canada


There have been changes put in place regarding chefs, cooks and food service industry workers in Canada. It was announced that workers falling under this category would not be eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class program. However, it was also announced that they would be able to apply under the Federal Skilled Trades program. This new alternative is a recommended way for cooks to obtain permanent residency in Canada. 

The following is an update on some provinces and where they stand in regards to this matter. In many cases a valid LMIA (LMO) is required. An LMIA may have been suspended since the issuing of the official document meaning it is very important to call Employment and social Development Canada to verify if it is in fact still valid:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

An applicant from the food service industry is eligible to apply to the Federal Skilled Worker program if he still has a valid LMO. However, it is very important to verify which NOC you fall under. While an applicant from the food service industry can apply to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) only if his respective NOC is on the list of eligible occupations, the following are food service industry related NOCs that are NOT eligible:

  • Cooks (NOC 6322)

  • Food Service Supervisors (NOC 6311)


If an applicant has the required certification, he can apply under the strategic recruitment stream under the Compulsory and Optional Trades category. It is important to note that employers are only allowed to hire ONE person under the NOCs 6453 and 6641.


Is accepting applications under the foreign worker category of their provincial nominee program. Applicants must have a job offer that falls under the NOC code of 0, A or B.

Prince Edward Island:

Is accepting applications if the applicant has an LMO.


Is not accepting applications.

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