With the shrinking size of the traditional Canadian construction workforce, the construction industry is increasingly looking towards foreign workers Canada to provide labour in a milieu that continues to grow steadily. As the construction sector remains one of Canada’s leading industries, immigrant workers and temporary foreign workers Canada will be critical in addressing the current and future labour market challenges resulting from an aging population. The Construction Sector Council currently anticipates a loss of 25% of its workforce, over the next 10 years due to retirements.

Facing such a large reduction of their workforce, the Construction Sector Council has created an online resource aimed at aiding in the attraction and retention of immigrant workers and individuals coming to Canada with work visas. This freely available on-line resource, is designed to help employers and individuals in the construction industry better assess foreign credentials and provide additional information in regards to Canadian immigration options and working in the Canadian construction industry. It also offers information in regards to Canadian job offers, orientation programs, and steps that can be taken to retain immigrant workers and temporary foreign workers Canada. The Construction Sector Council has provided this information in a number of websites, brochures and roadmaps, which can all be found online.  The hope is that such initiatives will serve to bolster numbers across the construction service sector.

The internationally trained workers website is a resource aimed at providing employers, industry organizations, and employment agencies with information in regards to the attraction, integration, and retention of immigrant workers and temporary foreign workers Canada.

The temporary foreign workers Canada website provides information for foreign workers looking for positions within the Canadian construction industry, as well as information for employers on how to successfully integrate temporary foreign workers into existing businesses.

The resource was funded, in part, by the Foreign Credential Referral Office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, recently stated that “Canadian immigration is very proud to support the hard work of Canada’s Construction Sector Council, as we all know that in the coming years, much of Canada’s labour force growth will depend on Canadian immigration and Temporary Foreign Workers.”

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