Quebec a Prime Immigration Destination


The province of Quebec is renowned for its unique culture, which blends elements of North American and European language and society in a way that is found nowhere else in the world. Quebec is a vibrant province that attracts newcomers from around the world. Canadian immigration news has explored the aspects of immigration to Quebec and what makes this province a favorite destination among immigrants to Canada.

Quebec has a strong tradition of encouraging immigration. According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 alone, the province welcomed 51,737 new permanent residents. As a result, immigrants comprise 11.5% of the total population.

The first immigrants to settle in Quebec were mainly European. However, immigration Canada is currently seeing changes from this initial trend. While Europeans and Americans continue to immigrate, in 2011 the five biggest countries for Quebec immigration were Algeria, Morocco, France, China, and Columbia. Continentally, the majority of immigrants came from Africa and Asia.

Within urban regions in Quebec, multiculturalism is undoubtedly present. A shining example of Canada’s dominant multicultural mosaic is the population of Montreal, known as the largest city in Quebec, whose residents are 16.5% non-European in descent. Montreal has historically been the most popular city for immigrants to settle in upon arrival and has a very large and productive immigrant community. As a hub of business and academia, it is one of the most progressive cities in North America. The province of Quebec has a diverse history, with historical populations arriving from places such as Haiti, Brazil, South and East Asia, the Middle East, and the Jewish Diaspora. Immigrants from all over the world can find a well-established immigrant community to support them as they settle in Quebec.

The majority of immigrants to Quebec are young, and many of these young individuals arrived to Quebec through the skilled worker Canada program, the most popular program for immigration to Quebec. The majority of immigrants to Quebec are hardworking and eager to realize their economic goals and those who wished to work were well-received in the province, which last year created approximately 38,500 new jobs. Additionally, most new immigrants to Quebec are well educated, with the majority possessing a minimum of 14 years of education. With such a young, educated, and diverse population Canadian immigrants’ children thrive in Canada.

Upon arrival in Quebec, most immigrants will establish themselves financially, taking steps to learn the languages and by doing so building their career skills. The majority of immigrants to Quebec will find employment quickly upon arrival. New immigrants to Quebec are able to take advantage of free public education and the least expensive college tuition in North America when educating their children. They can also pursue options in order to allow their families to immigrate to Canada through various programs such as family class sponsorship. Consequently those who immigrate to Canada and choose Quebec as their home province are able to build lives for themselves that truly live up to their new home’s reputation as “the beautiful province”. 

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