Inland Spousal Sponsorship Processing Times Reduced

The Canadian government has taken a step forward in simplifying and accelerating the process for newcomers to Canada to reunite with their families.

John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced on December 7th that application processing times for inland Spousal Sponsorship will be reduced from 2 years to 12 months. This applies to both new applicants, and applicants who have already submitted their files. Applications will be processed in the order that they have been received.

Furthermore, the instruction guide for this program has been abridged and simplified. Originally 180 pages, the document has been cut down to 75 pages, written in clear and basic language.

Required security checks, medical screening and the validation of marriage certificates will ensue the application process.

This development on family reunification will benefit the 64,000 permanent resident applicants that Canada will admit in the coming year, and to all Canadians. McCallum has stated that with time, he hopes to further cut wait times.

The new application kits will be finalized and available online as of December 15th, 2016.

These changes have been warmly welcomed by the immigration community, both professionals and future applicants.

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