Kenney’s Rhetoric Could Prevent Immigrants From Receiving a Warm Welcome


The Harper government has been aiming to sustain Canada’s economic growth by welcoming over a quarter of a million immigrants to Canada each year all the while Immigration Canada Minister Jason Kenney seems to be protecting native Canadians from foreign migrants via Canadian immigration reforms. Spurning nativist fears with regards to Canadian immigrants may turn Canada’s openness towards newcomers, which is essential to our national economy.

 While some of the reforms introduced make sense, such as the changes to citizenship acquisition rules, swifter deportation for non-citizen criminals, and a better process for choosing skilled worker applicants, others do not, including the way Kenney makes the case for these reforms by talking about foreign freeloaders and degrading the value of Canadian citizenship. This rhetoric could tarnish public attitudes of generosity toward newcomers to Canada, who deserve a welcoming public to help them integrate into our society.

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