Collaboration between Canada and US to Track Travellers


Canada and the United States plan to collaborate in order to better deal with refugees that come to North America and then migrate freely within the continent. By 2014, the two countries will begin sharing information about travelers, such as fingerprints. Canada is additionally laying the groundwork for legislative changes that will require travelers, including Canadian and U.S. citizens, to present a secure document such as a passport upon entry.

Immigration Canada is the main department connected to the recent security initiatives, the most contentious of which is a plan to carefully monitor everyone entering and leaving the country with the help of information from the U.S. In turn, Canada will help the United States accomplish the same by systematically providing information on all travelers entering Canada from the U.S. The two countries will also begin automatically sharing information by 2014 about people asked to leave their respective country for criminal behavior.

Your options for Canada entry if you are criminally inadmissible on the grounds of an offense such as a DUI are contingent upon factors such as the time elapsed since the completion of your sentence and the nature of the offenses on your criminal record. As changes for travellers arise, if you find that you are criminally inadmissible into Canada and require either a temporary resident permit or criminal rehabilitation, avoid trouble at the border by allowing FWCanada’s immigration lawyers to help you. 

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