Canadian Companies Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers


Until Canadians decide that they want to move to a remote location in British Columbia or Alberta there should be absolutely no debate about Canadian companies hiring temporary foreign workers.  There is a major labor shortage in those areas in 2012 and this trend can be expected to continue. 

  This issue has come up recently when it was reported that a Canadian subsidiary of Dehua Mines, a Chinese company located in British Columbia advertised that they were hiring workers who are fluent only in Mandarin, seemingly ignoring the requirement that the Canadian company first try to recruit Canadian workers to fill the available mining positions.  Under the temporary foreign worker program Canadian employers are required to demonstrate that they have made efforts to recruit Canadians suitable for the position before they are permitted to hire foreign workers.

 With more than 400,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada at any given time it is important that we monitor Canadian employers to make sure that they are firstly offering the job opportunities to Canadians and then if they are not able to fill the position with Canadians and they are hiring foreign workers, that those foreign workers be protected.  Without this program in place it is certain that many businesses would be forced to close their doors. 

 One of the important ways that temporary foreign workers can protect themselves is by having good command of either English or French; this is both a requirement of the program and also good general advice.  Proficient foreign workers are in a better position to speak out against abuse. 

 Canadian employers who are interested in hiring a foreign worker should contact us for a free consultation, we would be happy to represent you. 

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