No IELTS requirements under the Nova Scotia PNP


Applicants who are looking to apply for immigration under the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program’s skilled worker stream are in luck in regards to language requirements. All other federal skilled workers programs have required writing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to prove language proficiency, however, under the Nova Scotia program, this is not a requirement. Previous programs such as the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) and the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program, all required the demonstration of proficiency in English under the IELTS to obtain points for langauge. Preparing and writing the IELTS has been a lengthy and stressing processes for immigration applicants in the past, and the fact that this has been eliminated from the immigration process under this program is a huge bonus.


The top 5 benefits of not being required to take the IELTS:

1. The test can be demanding even for those who are fluent in the English language.

2. Test dates could be difficult to book.

3. Applicants no longer need to wait to submit their application; it can be done as soon as all other requirements for the program are met.

4. The test scores may not always reflect the individuals proficiency in English, therefore it may not do the applicant

5. Some countries do not have IELTS test centers. Individuals no longer have to travel to test centers in order to apply.


Now, the only language requirements under the Nova Scotia PNP skilled worker stream are either written proof, explanation or language test results which show that the applicant met the minimum standard of Level 5 on the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB). This requires meeting the minimum level of competency for the following:

  • Educational transcripts or other documentation demonstrating English or French as the principal language of instruction. 
  • Employment history and references demonstrating English or French as the principal language of communication. 

*In order for the language test to be valid, it must not be more than 2 years old at the time which Nova Scotia Immigration receives your complete application.  

Along with other benefits from the program, easing up on the language test requirements is a sure way to relieve stress from many applicants. It broadens the ability for more applications, and will allow for a more diverse group of skilled workers from around the world to experience living and working in Canada in an easier manner. Please note, that while IELTS isn’t required for the skilled worker stream, it still is required for Nova Scotia’s Express Entry streams: Nova Scotia Demand and Nova Scotia Experience. 


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