Celebrities Who Immigrate to Canada


You may be surprised to find out that there is a list, albeit a short list of American stars who decide to immigrate to Canada.  One of the most recent stars to relocate is Randy Quaid who has moved to the province of Quebec.  Quaid’s wife Evi was born to a Canadian father who moved to the U.S and took a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so as a Canadian, she was entitled to citizenship and to sponsor her husband to become Canadian as well.  One of the reasons the Quaid’s chose Canada was to allegedly escape a group of individuals known as the Hollywood Star Whackers, some of whom have been charged with burglary in California.

The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders relocated to Missisaugua,  Ontario in order to facilitate KFC’s expansion into the Canadian market when he was just over 70.  He continued to live in Canada temporarily for several months of the year until he passed away in 1980, there is still the Col. Harland Sanders Family Care Centre within the Credit Valley Hospital which pays tribute to his legacy.

Pop-star Prince married a Canadian woman Manuela Testolini and moved to Toronto, Canada to liver with her in a $5.5 million dollar mansion.  Unfortunately the couple split up after just two years and many people living in Toronto never saw the famously private star.

A former cast member of Law & Order, Michael Moriarty sought political asylum in Canada after having a difficult time with then U.S Attorney General Janet Reno.  He originally lived in Halifax and then later moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  He also contemplated started a Republican branch of the Conservative party.

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