We are proud to announce the unveiling of a new resource designed to help all individuals that are looking for employment in Canada. The new online Job Search Tool will allow users to seek out job opportunities in Canada from anywhere in the world. Our firm is happy to provide this centralized, consolidated database of employment opportunities.

FWCanada’s Job Search Tool will allow users to conduct an up-to-date search of the many job opportunities available throughout Canada, in both the public and private sectors. Users can search for employment by city, occupational category (accounting, legal, medical, etc.), pay range and even search for opportunity within a certain company. Each job posting will indicate its requirements, with regards to education, work experience, and languages. The postings will also indicate the contact information of the employer, the location of the position, the salary offered, and the approximate start date for the position.

Finding employment in Canada can be hugely beneficial for the purposes of Canadian immigration. A job offer from a Canadian employer has the potential to ensure eligibility in regards to various programs at both the federal and provincial level, provide points to certain applications, or it could allow a foreign worker to obtain a Canadian temporary work permit. For additional information as to the impact a Canadian job offer can have on a Canadian immigration application please visit the following link:

As most people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian immigration and work permit process, our office is happy to communicate with any potential employers to better explain things. However as a firm dedicated solely to immigration, our mandate is restricted only to immigration services. Please abstain from forwarding CV’s.


For more information about immigrating to Canada, contact FWCanada – Canadian Immigration Law Firm

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