Canada Launches new Expression of Interest Immigration Application System


Back in January of this year, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney stated his vision for a program that would improve the efficiency of channelling skilled workers into Canada by creating a “matchmaking” system for potential immigrants and Canadian employers. As promised, a more specific outlook of such as a system has now been introduced.

The Expression of Interests (EOI) application system allows skilled workers who are interested in immigrating to Canada to enter a pool of applications, and invitations to immigration are given to those whose skill sets match the Canadian labour demands. New Zealand and Australia have already implemented a similar system.

Prospective Canadian immigrants are asked to complete an online form assessing their interest and abilities to seek permanent residence in the country. The assessment is based on a point system that focuses on the individual’s language proficiency, work experiment, and education level. People who can fill in the labour demands in the Canadian economy are not only invited to immigration, but their applications are also given priority in processing.

With this program, Kenney intends to eliminate backlogging with the Federal Skilled Workers Program, one of the most popular programs in the Canadian immigration system, and to increase the success rate of new applicants. The new program also benefits Canadian employers, as it is more responsive to labour market demands.

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