Serbian Attaché Inadmissible to Canada


Canada has apprehended a former Serbian attaché from penetrating its borders on the suspicion that he belongs to a secret police service in the former Yugoslavia that spied on Western governments during the Communist era. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, foreign nationals are inadmissible into Canada if they were convicted and directly implicated in acts of espionage against a government or if they were members of such an organization.

The suspect, Zoran Vukic, was denied a Canadian permanent resident visa in 2007 after the Canadian Embassy in Vienna ruled that they had received enough evidence to infer that he is or was a past or present member of an anti-subversion police service, known the SID (Sluzba, za Istrazivanje I Dokumentaciju).  

Even by association, as a potential member of a fairly non-exclusive operation that spied on Western establishments and violently punished ‘traitors’ of the state during the Communist regime, Vukic is forbidden by Canadian immigration authorities to enter the country for any reason.  He and his wife, however, harbor a strong conviction that this is ruling is prejudiced and that only the negative aspects of his case were considered.  Common offenses, on the other hand, are comparatively easier to pardon, especially with the help of an immigration professional. Foreign nationals may apply for a temporary resident permit or for criminal rehabilitation, which is contingent upon the nature of their offense, how much time has passed since their sentence was served, and their motives for entering Canada. 

In the meantime, Vukic’s wife Zorica remains in the country on a temporary work permit and will forge ahead her refutation of the Canadian Immigration services’ decision upon her husband’s case.

If you have a criminal record, you may be inadmissible to Canada as well.  Our experienced Canadian immigration lawyers will recommend strategies that will increase your chances of entering Canada successfully.

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