Kenney’s Reforms Give Employers a More Participatory Role


Canadian immigration is not an easy process. It is a road paved with obstacles and congested with a high volume of applicants. Nevertheless, highly skilled foreign workers who decide to immigrate to Canada may have a faster route to get there.

Canadian employers will, if Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s changes are approved, have a more participatory role in the selection of federal skilled workers electing to contribute to the Canadian labour force. He proposes to remedy the country’s persistent skilled labour shortage through the innovation of an online database that would allow employers to personally contact potential foreign candidates with a job offer. This, as Kenney affirms, will facilitate the government in fast-tracking the approval of work visas from qualified foreign applicants who are eligible for the Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program. 

Additionally, highly-qualified temporary foreign workers who have been engaged in Canada’s labour force for at least one year, as well as foreign alumni of Canadian post-secondary institutions may also find it simpler to become permanent residents in Canada with Kenney’s plans to reform the immigration system.

Opponents of these changes criticize that this will exacerbate the corporatization of the immigration system, as Canada’s needs and diversity will be sacrificed to the private demands of businesses. Kenney, however counters that immigration to Canada will still be regulated by the government at large. Those wishing to obtain work permits in Canada will still be subject to the selection factors that influence the Federal Skilled Worker Program’s points system as minimal proficiency requirements in the country’s two official languages to facilitate their integration into Canadian society.

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