Get a competitive advantage for next year’s Nova Scotia Nominee Program


The Nova Scotia Nominee Program has received a large number of applications for the Regional Labour Market Demand Stream; however, they will only be accepting 150 applications in total this year.

Despite the announced cap of 150 nominees, individuals who currently submit their application will be at an advantage for the upcoming year. Nova Scotia will be keeping the applications that have not been accepted this year, and those applications will be in the queue for top consideration next year.

 This program has been in such high demand due to its lenience, in that the applicant does not need to have a job offer awaiting their arrival in Nova Scotia. Allowing applications for this year to be reconsidered for next year could give applicants a competitive advantage for next year’s round. It is therefore recommended that if this program is of serious interest to those looking to immigrate and reside in Nova Scotia, to send in their complete application as soon as possible to be in the running for the following year. 

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