Austria looking to learn from Canadian Immigration and Integration Model


While the Canadian immigration system has been subject to much criticism recently, Austria’s current Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger seems to think Canada’s immigration model is something to be emulated in Austria.

After a visit to Canada several years ago, Spindelegger returned to Vienna with several ideas concerning immigration and integration, some of which eventually developed into Austrian law. The Canadian visit also inspired Spindelegger to create a new ministerial position officially known as secretary of state for integration. The new position occupied by Sebastien Kurz, has the minister work within the Austrian Ministry of the Interior to oversee the integration of foreigners into Austrian society.

Minister Kurz will now be visiting Canada to meet with various stakeholders in the Canadian immigration community, with the goal of gaining insight on Canadian integration programs. This will be the first overseas trip for Kurz as Minister of Integration. This visit will have him meet with Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney as well as Foreign Minister John Baird in addition to members of the NGO community including, the YMCA, Catholic Immigration Centre of Ottawa and the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization among others. The minister will also be meeting with similar community groups in Toronto as part of the informative visit.

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