New regulations in place for Hiring International Students


Earning extra spending money, adding to your resume, being independent from family, or even occupying up free time by being more productive — these are all common reasons why numerous university or post-graduate individuals wish to gain employment.


International students are no different; instead, some are even more eager to find employment for reasons that local students maynot be aware of. This is about to become even more difficult for international students looking for employment who are at the end of their Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

Effective immediately, temporary foreign workers face changes in the workforce. International students who have graduated from recognized post-secondary institutions and whose Post-Graduate Work Permit is soon to expire will no longer have the opportunity to be offered available positions prior to Canadian citizens.

More specifically, employers looking to hire international students will undergo changes to the hiring process. This comes out of the changes that the Department has made, in regards to putting an end to the Recruitment and Advertisement Exemption that were in place. From now on, employers must first advertise their job openings to Canadian citizens, and only after offer the available positions to international students. Employers submitting a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) must now ensure that they meet all of the Program requirements for the applicable stream in either higher or lower skilled occupations.

This new rule will ensure that Canadian residents are at the top of the list for available occupations. It also serves to advise international students to apply for the renewal of their work permits sooner than later. If you see that your Post-Graduate Work Permit is nearing its expiration date, it is advised not to delay your application for a renewal. Quickly applying for a new permit will ensure that these individuals will not be set back in obtaining any in-demand positions in the Canadian workforce.  

Employers submitting a LMO to hire an individual transitioning from the PGWP should keep in mind that LMO processing times can be lengthy and they should conduct recruitment and advertise for four weeks in advance for job openings to Canadian Citizens. The renewal process for work permits may in total take up to 6 months, and individuals need to be aware of these time periods.    

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