From Nigeria to Canada: Why Canada Proves a Popular Immigration Destination


In October, 2013, the Nigeria-Canada Forum held the 2013 Nigeria-Canada Exchange Series, aimed at strengthening the commercial ties of the two countries. This initiative is part of the larger history of friendly diplomatic relations between Canada and Nigeria in both economic and political spheres.

“[The exchange series] have also helped to develop leaders in the Nigerian-Canadian community,” said Bankole Olayele, the President and Professor of Economics at the University of Regina, Canada.

This community of Nigerian-Canadians is steadily growing year to year, with the majority residing in Toronto and other cities in Ontario. According to Statistics Canada, Canada became a permanent home for 3,095 Nigerians and a university destination for almost 2,000 students in 2012.

Canada has a strong reputation for multiculturalism and presents many socio-economic opportunities for Nigerian immigrants. As one of the leading G-7 countries, it is highly developed and enjoys outstanding education and health care systems as well as excellent working conditions. A long life expectancy and relatively low crime rates also contribute to Canada’s high quality of life.

Canada’s strong economic position could largely be attributed to the contributions of its immigrant workforce. To this end, the Canadian government has one of the most positive immigration policies in the world, with the government admitting over 200,000 immigrants each year. Canada also allows dual citizenship, allowing Nigerians to retain their national identity.

Immigrants from Nigeria can also find employment opportunities in Canada in high-growth sectors through the Federal Skilled Trades Class. This program allows workers with in-demand trades, such as welders, crane operations, and electricians, to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

For students of higher education, Canada offers a wide variety of prestigious universities to choose from. Four of these, namely the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University and McMaster University currently rank in the global Top 100. By studying in Canada, Nigerian students can become eligible for a work permit and eventually, permanent residency.

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