Ontario and Federal Government Spend $57 million on Immigrant Training


Ontario is spending $35 million to give skilled worker Canada immigrants the opportunity to get the training they need to find work in their fields. The federal government is also kicking in $22 million to fund 70 existing and new projects that they say will help more than 11,000 immigration Canada applicants.

These programs will provide occupation-specific training, Canadian work experience and help to get the license immigrants need to work in their field. The projects provide help for information technology, law, health care, engineering and business administration. The programs in question are being offered in the Toronto area, York Region, Hamilton, Kitchener Waterloo, London, Niagara, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Kingston and Ottawa.

Both levels of government strongly believe that helping Canadian immigrants integrate quickly into the labor market is important for the country’s economic growth. The programs are also intended to help those who foreign nationals who immigrate to Canada to develop better communications skills and adapt culturally to the Canadian.

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