Update: Nova Scotia Regional Labor Market Demand Program Agrees to Process Large Numbers of New Applicants


Recently, the immigration department of the government of Nova Scotia announced on its website that they have received a very high volume of applications for this stream and that the pre-screening for determining which of the 150 applications they will accept for processing is a lengthy process. The Nova Scotia immigration department is asking that individuals not contact them about the processing of their files because they are busy evaluating the applications they have received.

What is important to note is that despite the fact that they have received a high volume of applications for the Regional Labor Market Demand program, they have not closed the program. We are encouraging anyone who is qualified for this program to submit their application as soon as possible, while the program is still open because the government of Nova Scotia has not made it clear how they will select the 150 applications for nomination. They have not specified if applications are being accepted on a first come, first served basis, if they are going to allocate a certain number of nominations for each of the occupations or if they are going to choose applicants with the best qualifications or connections to Nova Scotia.

If you think you may qualify for this program and are interested in obtaining further information, please do not hesitate to take our FREE online assessment at: https://www.canadianimmigration.net/assessment-form.html

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For more information regarding the changes in requirements click here.

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