CIC Introduces New Tools to Help Immigrants Start a New Life in Canada


Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney introduced an enhanced version of the Welcome to Canada guide, as well as a new web tool to help new immigrants settle and integrate into Canadian society.

Published by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Since 1997, Welcome to Canada has been the official CIC handbook, as it  provides newcomers with information on how to prepare for immigration. This is the first time that CIC updates this publication, and the amount of content has doubled from that of the previous edition.

Amassing input from its federal partners and experts on immigrant integration, the new publication is based on extensive research. Notably, CIC recognizes Nick Noorani, an expert on immigrant integration, as a key contributor the making of the new Welcome to Canada. His advice and anecdotes are highlighted in the publication.

“It is a huge honour and privilege for me to have had a chance to work on this publication. Canada has given me more than I could ever had dreamed of. And through my experiences, I can help future immigrants succeed in Canada, and this guide is a big part of that,” Nooran says.

Welcome to Canada includes practical information on how to access a variety of resources for housing, employment, education, and health care. It also gives an overview of the country’s rights and freedoms and justice system. Moreover, the publication also features stories of immigrants who have carved out a successful life in their respective communities.

Besides the revision of Welcome to Canada, Kenney has also introduced an online interactive tool called Living in Canada Tool to assist newcomers in designing a settlement plan. Kenney states that resources dedicated to helping immigrants settle in the country are distributed fairly across different regions, and the purpose of this tool is to help newcomers pinpoint support services available to them at the local level.

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