Why the Canadian Consulate is NOT your friend


Prior to being arrested or charged with an offence, many people may find themselves curious as to whether or not they are admissible for entry into another country. Being arrested under one state’s jurisdiction may not lead to an equivalent offence in another. It is therefore important to carefully disclose your past information and assure that you are contacting the correct source for information.

The situation above could be avoided if the individual had consulted a lawyer and be given the appropriate advice regarding their case. Immigration lawyers are the ones with the proper knowledge and resources to guide the individual through the Canadian immigration rules concerning criminal inadmissibility. They have the official documents needed for cases where the individuals uncertainty will be answered, such as through the “committing an act” provision. This document provides legitimate guidance for officers to determine whether or not their client is inadmissible or not to Canada. This act also assures that Canada benefits from all aspects which immigration has to offer, while maintaining safe and protected laws regarding entry into the country. 

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