Saskatchewan NDP Party looking to Reform Nominee Program


Only months after Saskatchewan’s immigrant nominee program submitted itself to a series of reforms, the province’s NDP opposition has voiced concern over some of the changes. NDP immigration critic Cam Broten revealed to reporters that his party is offering a “common-sense compromise” to satisfy all relevant stakeholders in the matter, after consulting with recent Canadian immigrants in the central province.

As reported by Joe Couture of The StarPheonix, Broten expressed his dismay over the lack of commitment shown to Saskatchewan’s newcomers who immigrated to Canada through the PNP, stating “Promises were made about the program, people made huge life decisions based on those promises and moved to Saskatchewan for a new start and to welcome their families.”

Part of the NDP’s proposal includes the removal of the high-skill job offer requirement and the grandfathering of provisions for families who lived in Saskatchewan before May 1st, 2012. This would allow the specified cohort of new Canadians to nominate a maximum of three individuals, within a certain period of time.

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