Safe and Affordable for Canadian Immigrant and Refugee Women in Winnipeg


An apartment specifically for Canadian refugee and Canadian immigrant women is being constructed in down town Winnipeg. The apartment will supply these women and their children with safe, affordable and permanent housing. The apartment will be a six-storey complex and made up of forty apartment suites and will be called Marie Rose Place.

Currently many single Canadian immigrant and refugee women are finding shelter in the Holy Names House of Peace, a safe home for women in transition. One of these women is Asel Duisheeva, who came to Canada alone from Kyrgyzstan and had to leave her daughter behind. She was originally staying in a cheap hotel where she felt scared and depressed. Since moving to the Holy Names House she feels much more security.

Marie Rose Place will be run by the House Names House of Peace and they will be located next to each other in Edmonton Street.

The funds to build Marie Rose Place are coming from both private and public institutions. Hargrave Holdings is funding $5.5 million to build Marie Rose Place and the three levels of government are collectively contributing $3million.

“I’m really concerned about those 120 young, single females that come into Winnipeg every year, and they have no place to go,” explained Robert Dick, president of Hargrave Holdings.

Marie Rose House is set to open July 2014.

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