Caregiver Contract


FWCANADA Inc., a federally registered corporation, having its head office at 6600 Boulevard Decarie Suite 140, Montreal QC H3X2K4, herein represented on her own account by Attorney Marisa Feil.

(hereafter referred to as “ATTORNEY”)


CLIENT hereby agrees to retain ATTORNEY to provide legal counsel and representation in the

application for a Temporary Work Permit in Canada and a Labour Market Impact Assessment,

and ATTORNEY does hereby agree to provide such services, the whole subject to the following

terms and conditions (the “Agreement”):


CLIENT hereby agrees to engage ATTORNEY to provide legal representation and to carry out

the necessary activities with respect to CLIENT’s application for a Temporary Work Permit in

Canada and a Labour Market Impact Assessment, as per the currently published program

requirements, this service shall be provided exclusively in Canada.



(i). Assess CLIENT’s qualifications, and advise CLIENT as to what must be done in

order to qualify for a Temporary Work Permit in Canada and a Labour Market Impact


(ii). Assist CLIENT in the preparation of the relevant application form(s);

(iii). Advise CLIENT about the amount of government fees required in support of the application;

(iv). Review and analyze documents received in support of CLIENT’s application;

(v). Prepare a detailed cover letter, addressed to the appropriate government authorities 

outlining CLIENT’s qualifications and supporting CLIENT’s candidacy for a

temporary work permit in Canada; 

(vi). Conduct final review of CLIENT’s application and related forms, supporting documents;

(vii). Submit CLIENT’s application package to the appropriate office and confirm its receipt;

(viii). Track CLIENT’s file throughout the application process in order facilitate the


(ix). Prepare the CLIENT, in advance, for a possible interview with a Canadian Visa Officer;

(x). Make additional written and/or oral representations to the Canadian office and/or consulate;

(xi). ATTORNEY shall use best efforts to obtain a  Labour Market Impact Assessment and issuance of a 

Temporary Work Permit in Canada, but cannot guarantee success or timelines.


CLIENT shall:

(i). Provide valid contact information, including email, telephone, and mailing address, to

ATTORNEY, at all times during the validity of this Contract, and immediately notify

ATTORNEY of any changes in contact information;

(ii). Provide ATTORNEY with all information and documentation requested by

ATTORNEY and/or by the Government of Canada in a honest, truthful, timely, and

accurate manner;

(iii). Follow ATTORNEY’s reasonable advice in order to maximize eligibility;

(iv). At the expense of CLIENT, supporting documentation shall be translated into English

or French, if required;

(v). Provide the Attorney with a resume of CLIENT’s work experience and educational qualifications;

(vi). Disclose to ATTORNEY all information relating to any and all current or prior

criminal charges and/or convictions in any country, any serious mental or physical

health problems suffered by CLIENT and/or any of his accompanying family

members, and prior refusals to enter Canada, unauthorized admissions, deportations

from Canada or any other country;

(vii). Acknowledge that all correspondence with the Government of Canada relating to the

application for a Temporary Work Permit in Canada shall be done exclusively by ATTORNEY and 

CLIENT shall immediately inform ATTORNEY of any written and/or oral communication received by 

CLIENT from the Government of Canada;

(ii). Pay the fees required by the Canadian Government for the handling and processing of

the application and, if necessary, for any required medical examinations(s); and

(iii). Pay ATTORNEY all Fees set forth in the section 4 herein below. CLIENT

acknowledges and agrees that: it is his responsibility to ensure that the Fees arrive in

full at ATTORNEY’s principal place of business; only ATTORNEY is authorized to

issue receipt(s) for payment of the fees and that such receipt(s) will only be issued

upon the deposit in trust by ATTORNEY; ATTORNEY shall only be obligated to

CLIENT once the Fees are deposited in trust.


The following services are offered by ATTORNEY but are not covered by this agreement and come at an additional cost to CLIENT;

To retain ATTORNEY for these services an addendum including prices must be executed, these services include but are not limited to:

(i). Obtaining Business number and Canada Revenue Agency Registration

(ii).  Placement and payment of advertisements required for the LMIA

(iii).  Recruitment of Candidates 

(iv).  Preparing the Job Offer

(v).  French Proficiency Test Preparation Classes

(vi).  Application for Permanent Residence in Canada

(viii.) In person or video conferencing consultations


CLIENT agrees to pay fees as follows (the “Fees”):

– TO FWCANADA INC. IN TRUST: The sum of CAD 1000 (plus applicable tax) immediately upon execution of this Contract by CLIENT. ATTORNEY is authorized to release this sum from her trust account after the ATTORNEY has completed her work to prepare theApplication Forms for submission to the appropriate Canadian Visa Office.

– TO FWCANADA INC. IN TRUST: The sum of CAD 1000 (plus applicable tax) prior to submission of CLIENT’s application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment to Human Resources and Skill Development Canada. The ATTORNEY is authorized to release this sum from his trust account upon receipt of payment.

-TO FWCANDA INC. IN TRUST: The sum of CAD 1500 (plus applicable tax) prior to submission of CLIENT’s application for a temporary work permit to the Government of Canada. The ATTORNEY is authorized to release this sum from her trust account upon receipt of payment.

Total Attorney fees = CAD 3500 plus tax

These fees are not refundable.

This agreement will have full force and effect for one year (365 days) from execution.  If the services outlined herein are not utilized within that time period, additional fees may apply.


(i). This contract shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Quebec,


(ii). As the context may require, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; words

importing the masculine shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.

(iii). This Agreement can be executed by one or more of the parties hereto in any number

of counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original, but all such

counterparts shall together constitute one and the same instrument.

(iv). The parties acknowledge that they have requested that the foregoing be drawn up in

the English language; Les parties reconnaissent qu’elles ont exigé que ce qui précède

soit rédigé en la langue anglaise.

The CLIENT agrees that the receipt of instructions, guides, emails and telephone calls or a

combination of the aforementioned constitutes the receipt of services from the ATTORNEY.

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