Canada Entry Letter – Cruise

(hereafter referred to as “CLIENT”)


FWCANADA Inc., a federally registered corporation, having its head office at 6600 Boulevard Decarie Suite 140, Montreal, Quebec H3X 2K4, herein represented on her own account by Attorney Marisa Feil. (hereafter referred to as “ATTORNEY”)

The CLIENT hereby agrees to engage the ATTORNEY in order to provide legal counsel with respect to the CLIENT’s inadmissibility to Canada in connection with embarking or disembarking on a Cruise in Canada. ATTORNEY will provide CLIENT with a package including a personalized letter and list of documents in an effort to facilitate entry to Canada for the cruise. This assistance shall be provided exclusively from Canada.

2. Duties of Attorney
The ATTORNEY shall:
• Assess CLIENT’s criminal conviction, and advise CLIENT as to what must be done in order to maximize their chances of being admitted to Canada for their cruise;
• Advise CLIENT about the documents required and recommended to facilitate entry to Canada;
• Advise CLIENT on how to obtain the recommended documents by providing a document checklist;
• Prepare a legal opinion letter addressed to the Canadian Immigration authorities, outlining CLIENT’s inadmissibility and supporting CLIENT’s candidacy for entry to Canada to embark it disembark from a cruise.

3. Duties of Client
The CLIENT shall:
• Provide ATTORNEY with all information and documentation requested by ATTORNEY in a honest, timely, and accurate manner;
•Provide sufficient documentation to support all claims, as advised and requested by the ATTORNEY and/or by the Canadian Immigration Authorities including but not limited to proof of departure from Canada;
• Disclose to ATTORNEY all information relating to any and all current or prior criminal charges and/or convictions in any country, any serious mental or physical health problems suffered by CLIENT and/or any of his accompanying family members, and prior refusals to enter Canada, unauthorized admissions, deportations from Canada or any other country;
•At the expense of CLIENT, supporting documentation shall be translated into English or French, if required;
• Follow ATTORNEY’s reasonable instructions; and
• Pay ATTORNEY all Fees set forth in the section herein below. CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that: it is his responsibility to ensure that the Fees arrive in full at ATTORNEY’s principal place of business; only ATTORNEY is authorized to issue receipt(s) for payment of the fees and that such receipt(s) will only be issued upon the deposit in trust by ATTORNEY; ATTORNEY shall only be obligated to CLIENT once the Fees are deposited in trust.

4. Attorney Fees
The CLIENT agrees to deposit the sum of USD 750 as a Retainer Fee to “FWCANADA INC. IN TRUST” immediately upon execution of this Contract. Any services provided shall be approved by Client in advance, and Attorney Fees will be billed according to terms of payment agreed upon between ATTORNEY and CLIENT. The ATTORNEY is authorized to utilize the Retainer Fee to settle future invoices sent to the CLIENT for services rendered. This fee is non refundable.
The CLIENT agrees that the receipt of instructions, guides, emails and telephone calls or a combination of the aforementioned constitutes the receipt of services from the ATTORNEY.

This agreement will have full force and effect for one year (365 days) from execution.  If the services outlined herein are not utilized within that time period, additional fees may apply.

5. Disclaimers
FWCanada and ATTORNEY maintain no liability should the client be denied entry to Canada. CLIENT understands that based on the preliminary initial assessment they are inadmissible to Canada and their entry to Canada is at the sole discretion of the Canadian Immigration officer.
Should CLIENT retain ATTORNEY for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation application as advised within one (1) year of execution of this contract, half of the aforementioned fees will be credited to the final installment of Attorney fees of the additional service.

6. Interpretation
This Contract shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Quebec, Canada.
As the context may require, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; words importing the masculine shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.
The parties acknowledge that they have requested that the foregoing be drawn up in the English language; Les parties reconnaissent qu’elles ont exigé que ce qui précède soit rédigé en la langue anglaise.

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