Terms and conditions of payment

FWCANADA Inc., a federally registered corporation, having its head office at 4030 Saint- Ambroise, Suite 250, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4C 2C7, herein represented on her own account by Attorney Marisa Feil.

The CLIENT hereby agrees to engage the ATTORNEY in order to provide legal counsel with respect to Canadian Immigration representation, such assistance shall be provided exclusively from Canada.

The CLIENT agrees to deposit the agreed upon fees as a Retainer Fee to “FWCANADA INC. IN TRUST” immediately upon execution of this Contract. Any services provided shall be approved by Client in advance, and Attorney Fees will be billed according to terms of payment agreed upon between ATTORNEY and CLIENT. The ATTORNEY is authorized to utilize the Retainer Fee to settle future invoices sent to the CLIENT for services rendered. This fee is non- refundable.

The CLIENT agrees that the receipt of instructions, guides, emails and telephone calls or a combination of the aforementioned constitutes the receipt of services from the ATTORNEY.

This Contract shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

The parties acknowledge that they have requested that the foregoing be drawn up in the English language; Les parties reconnaissent qu’elles ont exigé que ce qui précède soit rédigé en la langue anglaise