List of Jobs Eligible for Simplified LMIA in 2023 Released by the Quebec Government

The Quebec government has announced its list of eligible jobs for the Simplified Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process in 2023. This process allows employers to hire foreign workers without requiring a full LMIA, which can be a lengthy and complex process.

The list includes over 300 occupations, ranging from management positions to various skilled trades. The eligible occupations are based on the province’s current labour needs and are divided into two categories: high-wage and low-wage positions.

Employers seeking to hire foreign workers for a high-wage position must meet certain requirements, such as offering a salary that is at least equal to the median wage for the occupation in the region. For low-wage positions, employers must offer a wage that meets or exceeds the minimum wage for the occupation in the region.

The Simplified LMIA process is a valuable tool for employers looking to fill labour shortages quickly and efficiently. However, it is important to note that employers must still meet certain requirements and follow the necessary steps to ensure compliance with Canadian immigration regulations.

Overall, the Quebec government’s release of its 2023 list of eligible jobs for the Simplified LMIA process is good news for employers looking to hire foreign workers in the province. It is also a testament to the government’s commitment to addressing the labour shortages and economic challenges faced by Quebec.