Thank you for taking the time to fill out FWCanada's assessment form. At this time, it is our firm's opinion that we would not be successful in representing your application for Canadian immigration. Please keep in mind this is only our opinion and may not reflect the actual decision of a visa officer.

At the moment Canada accepts immigration applications for individuals with who meet a minimum point requirement. Points are awarded for selection factors such as Education, Work Experience, Age, Language ability, Arranged Employment and Adaptability. All Canadian immigration programs for permanent residence require at least one year of work experience, kindly contact us again once you have one year of full-time, paid work experience.

Sadly, about 60 to 70 percent of the people that contact our office to be assessed for Canadian Immigration but do not qualify. It is difficult and not easy to qualify for Canadian Immigration unfortunately. We encourage all applicants to remain positive and consider the steps that can be taken to increase your chances of eligibility.

At this time you may wish to obtain a Canadian job offer. A job offer will not only improve your qualifications for Canadian immigration, it will also give you options to get to Canada sooner and better prepare yourself for life in Canada. While we do not provide job placement services, I suggest trying to apply online for jobs. Once you obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer FWCanada can assist you with your application for permanent residence. Best of luck!