We are currently less than one month away from changes to Canadian immigration laws. As of June 26th, 2011 the Canadian Immigration rules for applicants under the Federal Skilled Worker category will change. The cap that currently limits applications to 1,000 per category will be reset, and the list of eligible occupations, under the national occupation classification system, will be updated to more accurately reflect the needs of the Canadian economy and Canadian immigration.

To date, 5 of the 29 open occupations have reached the cap, meaning that a number of applicants with the relevant professional experience are unable to submit applications without Arranged Employment. As of June 26th the cap will be reset and individuals who were previously prevented from making a Canadian immigration application under this program, may have an opportunity to do so. However as the list of eligible occupations could change, there is no guarantee that the eligible occupations previously listed will still to be there.

The list of eligible occupations will be changed as the government of Canada looks to update the Canadian immigration rules, to best attract individuals with professional experience in high-demand fields. While the current list of 29 eligible occupations accurately reflected the need of the Canadian economy when it was released, it does not necessarily mirror the current reality. It is possible, although unlikely, that the eligible occupations will remain the same. What is more likely, is that the list will be updated and certain new occupations will be added, while others are removed. There is no way to predict the number of eligible occupations that will be on the list, the number could potentially increase or decrease.

The upcoming changes could serve to dramatically alter who is eligible for Canadian immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker category. Individuals, who in the past were prevented from submitting an application because the cap had been reached, may have a new opportunity to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker program. Alternatively, individuals that used to qualify for the program, but did not submit an application, may find that they have missed their chance.

Be sure to check our website on June 26th, 2011 to see the new Canadian immigration rules and to determine whether you are eligible for Canadian immigration.

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