Pilot Project: Visa Counterfoil and CPP-O


When coming to work or study in Canada, even after securing a work/study permit, foreign nationals from visa required countries who reside in Canada need to apply for a temporary resident visa should they wish to leave and then re-enter the country during their period of work/study. As it stands now, such individuals can apply to extend their work/study permit in Canada, but cannot apply for a temporary resident visa counterfoil to be placed in their passport.  Typically, such work/study permit holders will apply for this counterfoil by mailing their request to a visa office in the United States.

Immigration Canada has announced recently that Canada temporary resident permit holders with a valid Canadian student visa or Canada work permit can have their Canadian visa’s renewed from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. This advantage was not previously offered to Canadian immigrants, while they could have applied from within Canada to extend their Canadian student visa or Canadian work visa they were unable to actually renew these visas.

Canadian immigration now allows individuals to apply to renew their Canada student visa or Canada work visa if an individual is a legally admitted temporary resident in Canada with a Canadian residential address, has a current temporary resident status that is still valid, whose existing counterfoil is expired and/or was valid for only one entry, and if the individual in question requires a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada in the near future.

Applicants may still apply for a new temporary resident visa counterfoil at the visa office in their country of nationality or the country in which they currently legally reside.

To find out if citizens from your country of nationality require a visa, please visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

To learn more about acquiring a work permit please visit http://visual.ly/applying-work-permit-canada

To learn more about acquiring a study permit please visit http://cinet.wpengine.com/canada-study-permit.html

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