Canada Improves Temporary Visa Application Process; all Applicants are Now Automatically Considered for Multiple-Entry Visas


Beginning on February 6, 2014, all prospective visitors to Canada will be automatically considered for multiple-entry visas. Additionally, the processing fee for the Temporary Resident Visa application will be reduced from $150 to $100.

This harmonisation of single and multiple entry visa fee and application is meant to simplify the process and make it more affordable for the applicant. Multiple entry visas allow eligible visitors to stay in Canada for six months at a time, and travel back without having to redo their visa applications for a period of 10 years.

“As part of our plan to grow the Canadian economy and create jobs, our government is committed to attracting more visitors and business people to our country,” Commented Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. “By making the multiple-entry visa the standard visitor visa, we are evolving to meet the needs of international travellers who are looking for flexible, fast and convenient options to come to Canada.”

The new measure will greatly benefit visitors from China, India and Mexico, who are presently eligible for multiple entry visas but sometimes do not apply for them due to the higher fee. Visitors from the Philippines and Brazil also stand to benefit, as they are eligible for multiple entry visas for up to five years.

In addition, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will increase other fees in the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) program. This modification is expected to reduce the burden on Canadian taxpayers, and to better reflect the real processing costs of certain applications. The following application fee increases will be made effective February 6, 2014:

  • $25 for study permits and renewals;
  • $5 increase for work permits and renewals;
  • $25 increase for extensions to remain in Canada as a visitor;
  • $100 as the maximum fee for a family to apply for TRVs; and
  • $15 as the maximum work permit fee for a group of performing artists and their staff.

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