Jobs in Canada- News

Jobs In Canada- News

A Canadian franchise owner of the doughnut company Tim Hortons, is having great difficulty finding employees to work at his doughnut shop located in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Located southeast of the province, Estevan is well known for its abundance of natural resources, such oil and gas. Many people are attracted to working at oil patches, as the income level is relatively high. As a result of the thriving oil industry, service industries are lacking some of the necessary attention. In particular, the Tim Horton shop owner, Dennis Willows, is desperately searching for people to fill in cashier and other service positions. Currently, the shop is operated with a staff of 35, where Willows is quoted saying he needs a staff closer to 45 members. Due to the lack of interest by Canadian citizens to work at his shop, he started to legally recruit abroad. His current staff members include employees from India, Mexico and Philippines. As he plans to open another doughnut shop in October, Willows is continuously looking abroad to staff his upcoming shop.

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