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If you meet Canada's definition of a skilled worker, immigration to Canada might be an attractive option. Canada offers permanent residency to skilled workers on the basis of their qualifications, without the requirement of a job offer. Skilled workers are assessed based on factors such as age, highest level of education, years of work experience and occupation. These points based programs are designed to select skilled workers who are likely to become economically established in Canada upon arrival.

Canada skilled worker immigration programs are broken down into two categories:

Federal Skilled Worker

Canada's Federal Skilled Worker program is a very popular program for skilled workers who wish to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency. As of May 1st, 2014 the Federal Skilled Worker Eligible Occupation Stream will be an option for applicants from 50 eligible occupations. A Canadian job offer is not required to apply under this stream. The FSW program uses a points-based system and applicants must obtain at least 67 points based on education, language, work experience and language proficiency (in English or French). The program also has caps/limits. From May 1st, 2014 until April 30th, 2015 the FSW program will approve a maximum of 25,000 total applications and maximum of 1000 applications per eligible occupations.

In order maximize their chances of applying before an eligible occupation or the FSW program fills, potential applicants are encouraged to start evaluating their FSW eligibility and to begin documenting their credentials as soon as possible.

For a Free Assessment of your Eligibility under the FSW program, and the other 60 programs that lead to a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, please complete the free online Canadian immigration assessment .

Quebec Skilled Worker

This Canada skilled worker program exists for those wish to reside in the Province of Quebec. This program requires that the applicant be willing to demonstrate some proficiency in French, as French is one of the province's two official languages. Although no formal language test is required, the applicant will be assessed on their language ability at a personal selection interview. Some of the benefits of this program include that there is no list of eligible occupations. Think you may be a skilled worker? Take our free online Canadian immigration assessment now.


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