Quebec Experience Class

Individuals who have work experience in Quebec, or who have studied in Quebec, may be eligible for the Quebec Experience Class program through Immigration Quebec. This program is known in French as the Programme de l'expérience Québécoise, or PEQ.This program has some of the fastest processing times of all Canadian immigration programs.

All programs under Immigration Quebec require two steps for processing. First, an applicant is required to submit an application for an Immigration Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and then submit an application to receive their Canadian immigration visa from the Federal government. The Federal government will only assess an application for security and criminal and medical background checks.

There are two streams under this immigration program, one for foreign students and one for foreign workers, they are described below:

The foreign student stream under the Quebec Experience Class requires that the applicant:

  • Graduated from, or will be graduating shortly from, a school in Quebec Studied in a program of at least two years in length.
  • Demonstrate at least an advanced intermediate level of oral French
    • Results of a standardized test such as the TEF
    • Proof of completing at least 36 months of secondary or post-secondary education in French
    • Proof of completing an advanced-intermediate level French course from an institution recognized by Quebec's education ministry
    • Proof that applicant has met the language requirements governing their professional order in Quebec 


The foreign worker stream under the Quebec Experience Class requires that the applicant:

  • Completed at least twelve months of work experience in Quebec in a managerial, professional or skilled position within the twenty four months preceding the date of application.
  • Are currently working and have a valid work permit in Quebec.
  • Demonstrate at leat an advanced intermediate level of oral French (see above)

Processing times

Immigration Quebec has prioritized these types of applications and has indicated that processing times do not exceed one month to obtain a CSQ. Federal processing times for a Canadian permanent resident visa after the CSQ is obtained vary by Canadian immigration visa office. To find out more about this program, please fill out the form above.

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