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Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian government recognizes that individuals who have spent at least two years in Canada studying or working are more likely to become economically established in Canada. For this reason, they have created the Canadian Experience Class immigration category.

This program is attractive to individuals who have obtained a study permit and/or a work permit. There are very few other requirements that must be met to obtain Canadian permanent residency under this program. As a result, the Canadian Experience Class requires fewer documents and in many instances may lead to Canadian permanent residency faster than other programs.

A successful immigration application under the Canadian Experience Class must include the following:

• study permit and/or work permit

• proof of work experience including: all pay stubs, tax documents and reference letters.

• Proof of intermediate proficiency in either English or French. The only way to prove language proficiency is by taking one of the tests required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

It is important to note that individuals who have obtained their Canadian experience in the province of Quebec will not qualify for the Canadian experience class. In that case, the applicant may wish to apply through the Quebec Experience Class, if their experience or educational credential was obtained in Quebec.


Foreign workers who have worked in Canada on a valid work permit in a skilled occupation for at least two years are eligible for this Canadian immigration program. The foreign worker will have to demonstrate that they had the authorization to work in Canada in order to qualify. Individuals who have worked in a semi-skilled or low-skilled occupation are not eligible for this program. The work experience must have been full-time (37.5 hours per week) and have been obtained within the last 36 months. If you were not working full-time, you can accumulate part-time experience, over 36 months totalling 3900 hours.


Foreign students who have studied at an accredited post-secondary school on a full-time basis, in a program of at least 2 academic years (16 months), may qualify under this program. The Canadian government does not define full-time study in Canada, only the duration of study. The foreign student must have completed the program and obtained the educational credential. In addition, the foreign student must have attended a Canadian school on a Canadian campus; distance learning does not satisfy the requirements of this program. It is also important to note that any portion of the program completed outside of Canada will not count.

The work experience requirement for this program is 12 months and must have been full-time (37.5 hours per week), within the last 24 months. If you were not working full-time, you can accumulate part-time experience, over 24 months. However, the work experience must have been obtained after graduating from your program of study. Work experience obtained during studies does not count.

For more information on qualifying for a Canadian immigration visa under the Canadian Experience Class or to retain our services, please fill out the form above.

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