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Quebec Business Immigration

The province of Quebec is seeking individuals with business experience, who are willing to make an investment in Canada or own and actively manage a business in Canada. Under the Quebec business immigration programs, individuals are selected based on their ability to create jobs and contribute to a strong and prosperous economy.

If the applicant can demonstrate that they meet the criteria associated with the specific category, their application will be assessed in relation to the following factors: age, education, work experience & language proficiency. None of the Quebec business immigration categories require applicants to submit results of an approved language proficiency test. However, all applicants will have to demonstrate at least beginner proficiency or a willingness to learn French. There are several ways to qualify under the Quebec business immigration programs and each specific steam carries a unique set of requirements.

PLEASE NOTE that Quebec will be accepting 1750 applications for the investor program program, with a quota of 1200 applications for each country. This restriction does not apply to applications who are able to demonstrate an advanced intermediate knowledge of French through the results of a standardized test. Please refer to our website and twitter for further updates. 

Quebec Investor Immigration Category

To qualify under the Quebec Investor program, an applicant must be able to demonstrate the following:

• A market value net worth of at least $1,600,000 CAD. The applicant must be able to demonstrate that their net worth was legally obtained more than six months prior to the filing of the application.

• At least two years of business management experience within the preceding 5 years from the date the application is filed. The applicant must have had work authorization and/or legal status where they acquired their business management experience. This is very important for Immigration Quebec, unauthorized work experience will not count for this program.

Business experience for the purposes of the Quebec Investor Immigration category means that the applicant's work experience involves the planning, management and control of:

• The businesses finances AND some portion of the human and/or material resources

Managerial experience in any of the following business will count:

• Farm management, commercial Business, industrial management, professional businesses (if the business had a staff of at least two full time employees aside from the applicant), international organizations, foreign governments or any of their departments or agencies

If the applicant can demonstrate that it meets the aforementioned criterion, their application will be assed by an Immigration Quebec officer who will also consider the following factors: age, education, work experience & language proficiency.

PLEASE NOTE that as of March 21 2012, the Quebec government has decided to limit the maximum number of applications processed under the Investor sub-category at 2700 per year. THIS QUOTA HAS BEEN FILLED. Thus, the program will be CLOSED until July 31 2013. 

Quebec Business Immigration: Entrepreneurs

Immigration Quebec has a designated program for individuals seeking to establish themselves in the province of Quebec and purchase, invest in or set up a business in Quebec. In order to qualify for this program, the applicant will have to demonstrate that they have the following:

• A minimum net worth, including the principal applicant's spouse's assets of $300,000 CAD which has been legally obtained

• At least two years of full-time business management experience in a business where the applicant controls at least 25% of the equity, within the five years preceding the date of application.

For the work experience to qualify, the entrepreneur must have had duties and responsibilities related to the planning, management and control of resources (human, financial & material). Managerial experience only refers to the proportion of time the applicant actually spent managing, if they had other duties, their managerial experience was not full time.

Applicants may only qualify for points for language proficiency if they can demonstrate at least an advanced intermediate knowledge of oral and written French. 

The applicant must have the intention to purchase or set up a new business venture in Quebec. The applicant must present a plan whereby they explain how they will manage and operate a business in which they possess at least 25% of the equity, having a minimum value of $100,000 CAD. It is important to note that this Quebec business immigration program's minimum investment is significantly lower than any of the other provincial Canadian immigration programs for entrepreneurs.

The Immigration Quebec officer will also assess the applicant's age, the duration and nature of their work experience (besides their business management experience), their language skills and their personal suitability including knowledge about the province of Quebec.

Since this Quebec business immigration program is designed for those individuals intending to operate a business in Quebec, the business plan describing the proposed business venture is the essential element to this program. The plan must describe how the agricultural, commercial or industrial business venture will employ at least one other resident of Quebec, besides the applicant and the family members included on their application. This position created for a Quebec resident must be on a full-time and permanent basis (minimum 30 hours per week).

Quebec Business Immigration: Self-Employed

This program is for self-employed individuals who seek to practice their profession in Quebec. Most of the other Quebec business programs do not permit a person who has obtained their work experience through self-employment to qualify. 

The purpose of this program is to grant Canadian permanent residency to an individual who has a minimum net worth of $100,000 CAD and intends to practice their profession in a self-employed capacity. The applicant is required to demonstrate at least two years of self-employment in the five years preceding the application date.

There are no restrictions on the type of occupation the self-employed individual can practice in Quebec, so long as they have the appropriate authorization in regulated occupation. This is different from the Federal Self-Employed program, which limits its programs to self-employed individuals in certain professions. 

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, an Immigration Quebec officer will assess the application based on the following criterion:

  • Age, work experience, English and French language proficiency & personal suitability and knowledge about the province of Quebec
  • Principal applicants may only qualify for points for language proficiency if they can demonstrate at least an advanced intermediate knowledge of oral and written French. Spouses are subject to the language threshold for oral French only. 


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