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Temporary Work Permit Canada

Almost all foreign workers looking to perform work in Canada are required to obtain a temporary work permit.Canada will allow the foreign worker to work in Canada during the period for which the work permit is valid. Work permits can be issued as either open or employer-specific. An open work permit means that the permit holder can work for any employer, employer-specific meaning the permit holder can only work for the employer listed on the temporary work permit. Canada has many different categories of work permits and many exemptions to the temporary work permit requirement.

Work Permit Exemptions

In specific situations, such as Business Visitors, individuals performing a specific type of work may be permitted to enter Canada without a temporary work permit.Canada lists the following as examples of tasks that could qualify under the business visitor category;

• The purchase of Canadian services or products on behalf of a government or business

• Processing orders for the purchase of Canadian products and services

• The attending of conferences, conventions, business meetings or trade fairs

• The facilitating of an after-sales service agreement (mainly supervision, no labour)

• Receiving training from a Canadian branch of a parent company outside of Canada

• Employee training within the Canadian subsidiary of a foreign parent company

• On-site training from a Canadian company from which you have purchased products or services.

NOTE: One of the main elements to consider when determining whether a temporary work permit is required is the nature of the relationship between employer and employee. An employer-employee relationship usually precludes eligibility for this exemption.

Being able to perform work in Canada without a work permit is an exceptional matter and foreign workers should expect to be required to obtain a temporary work permit. Canada interprets these exemptions narrowly, for more information or to see if you fall into one of these exemptions please fill out the form above.

A note on fraudulent job offers

There are many employers who advertise fraudulent job offers. First of all, beware of any Canadian job offer that asks for money. Once you receive an offer, do as much research online about the company as possible. Try and speak with someone on the phone, even if it is overseas.

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