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Applications for various Canada visas require unique attention and consideration. Work permits, study permits and permanent resident visas, all need to be approached in a comprehensive manner, to ensure that:

1) Every strategic angle is considered, so as to improve the merits of an application and its chance of success with Canadian immigration.

2) Long-term assessments of each client are undertaken. We are trained to find opportunities and avenues that clients might not know exist. This forward thinking approach to Canada visa applications ensures that the client's needs are being served now and in the future.

Canada visas can serve an immediate purpose, or can be used as building blocks towards something greater. For example, a work permit from Canadian immigration could allow an individual to work in Canada temporarily, or could qualify them for permanent Canadian immigration.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

A Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is the pathway to becoming Canadian and enables someone who is not yet a citizen to live, work and study in Canada. Permanent residents enjoy most of the same benefits that Canadian citizens do. There are many different ways to qualify for this visa, including obtaining a Canadian job offer in a skilled occupation. A Canadian permanent resident is required to remain in Canada for two out of every five years, or they may have their status revoked.

Canada Work Visa

Generally, anytime a foreign worker enters the Canadian labor market, they require a Canada work visa (also called a work permit). The issuance of a Canada work visa depends largely on the nature of the job offer or duties that will be performed in Canada, as well as other considerations such as the offered salary. There are very few instances where an individual can obtain a work permit without first having a valid, detailed job offer. Once you have obtained a Canadian job offer, you may be able to use it to qualify for Permanent Residency.

Canada Study Visa

The first step in obtaining a Canada study visa (permit), is to gain acceptance to a Canadian school. Study in Canada opens the doors to a variety of opportunities, including eventual permanent resident status through the Canadian Experience Class or a Provincial Nomination program.

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